The sidebar has the main pages, but I want to add all kinds of things! So heres a little sitemap of my plans...

OC Pages

  • Aether Essence Precure
  • Happiness Charge Precure! Big Bang!!
  • Aikatsu Arcane Touch
  • Pripara x Encore
  • Death Note Rewrite
  • >Genshin Impact OC Pages
  • Vampire OC Pages
  • Storyless OC Pages

Shrine/Infodump Pages

  • Precure Series
  • Saiki K
  • Vocaloid/Vocal Synths
  • Genshin Impact
  • 3DS Hacking
  • Programming/Linux
  • Languages
  • Webkinz

Misc Pages

  • Anime Reviews
  • Game Reviews
  • My Art
  • My Writing
  • Figure Collecting Guide

External Resources

Various external links that I find useful, some are elements used on the site!